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EDUC 2301 SO: Book Resources

This guide has been developed to assist you in your research for EDUC 2301.

Finding Books on Education Topics in the TCC Libraries

The list to the right contains a small sampling of books available on education topics at the TCC libraries.

Books in the college library are organized according to Library of Congress subject classification. Books with call numbers beginning with the following letter designations address these different aspects of the study of education:

  • L - education (general)
  • LA - history of education
  • LB - theory and practice of education
  • LC - special aspects of education
  • LD - individual educational institutions (United States)
  • LE - individual educational institutions (America [except United States])
  • LF - individual educational institutions (Europe)
  • LG - individual educational institutions (Asia, Africa, Indian Ocean Islands, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands)
  • LH - college and school magazines and papers
  • LJ - student fraternities and societies (United States)
  • LT - textbooks

Take note of the call numbers of suggested books to the right, most of the call numbers are LB [theory and practice of education] and LC [special aspects of education]. The LC call number area covers a wide variety of information about education, for this assignment in particular browse the call number area LC 189 through LC 214.53 to find the books about educational sociology and LC 1099 for the books on multicultural education.

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Books Available at the TCC Libraries