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This LibGuide will help you locate sources necessary for completing the research portion of your fermentation lab research report.

Fermentation Lab Video for Mobile Devices

This is an .m4v video that uses the Quicktime player and is viewable on the iphone.

Fermentation Lab Assignment

This Research Guide is designed to assist you in the introduction portion of your Fermentation Lab Research Report as quoted directly from your lab manual in italics below:    


 As this experiment is to be used for a scientific method report, the student must answer and cite the appropriate references for the following questions, as the Introduction of the report is written:

  1. When one refers to the temperature of a system, what does this mean?
  2. How are chemical reactions, especially their rates, influenced by temperature?
  3. Give various examples of the effect of temperature on biological systems.
  4. What is yeast?
  5. What is the overall fermentation reaction by yeast, starting with glucose as an energy source?
  6. What is an enzyme?
  7. How are enzymes and the reaction rates they control influenced by temperature?
  8. How can fermentation rate be measured?


Fermentation Lab Assignment

This is an .mp4 video that uses Shockwave/Flash.