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This guide is designed to assist you in your career research for your PSYC 2302 WIN/R class.

How to use this Guide

This guide is primarily designed to assist you in your career investigation research for your Occupational Portfolio. The south campus librarians hope that you will also refer to this LibGuide when you have research assignments in other classes as you continue your studies at TCC.

Use the "O*net and others" tab above to find links to O*net and similar job skills websites. "The Library is your friend" tab will take you to information on using the TCC libraries and how to expand your horizons by using other libraries as well. The "Websites for WINRs" tab will take you to a list of weblinks that have been suggested by your WINR instructors.

For more in-depth information about using the TCC libraries, see our Library Research Overview LibGuide. Of course, you can always ask a librarian for help, either come in the library or give us a call during operating hours at (817) 515-4524, or ask a librarian online.

We're here to help!

Career Investigation

Section 3 - Occupational/Career Investigation Chart

(Maximum Points: 25)

Click in the blank space below each title. Type in your information or cut and paste your information in the blank space.  This chart will expand as you insert your information. Use font size 12. This form is abbreviated to show the categories for research your report. Use the template. This report should be at least 2-3 typed pages.


1.    Occupational Title and Description:

2.    O*NET No.:

3.    Tasks:

4.    Knowledge:

5.    Skills:

6.    Abilities:

7.    Work Activities:

8.    Work Context (Working Conditions – Hours, environment, physical demands, level of stress, etc.):

9.    Educational Requirements:

a) What schooling, training, or degree is required for this occupation?

b) List one or more programs in the DFW Metroplex where you can get the training or education needed for this occupation. Give their admission requirements in detail. Tell their acceptance ratio if available.

c) Is a license or certification needed in this occupation? What is needed to obtain and keep this license?

10.  Interests:

Which Holland code theme(s) fit this occupation? i.e.: Strong Vocational Interest Test categories – Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional.


How does this compare to your Holland Codes from the STRONG Inventory?

11. Salary Range (Print State and national wage chart – link from O*NET) :

12. Advancement and Promotion Information:

13. Future Outlook (OOH, State, National Trends) Use link from O*NET:

14. Related Occupations (Use OOH):

15. List a Professional Association for this Occupation and its web site: (Reference OOH)   Do they have a student membership category? What are the requirements and costs to join?  Tell how joining this professional organization may benefit you

16. Supplemental printed material (brochures, newsletters, articles, etc.) needs to be included from ONET & other sources.

17. Bibliography: (Must include 5 research resources – books, web sites, articles, etc.)