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Academic Integrity (SE): Home

This guide lists resources geared to maintaining academic integrity at TCC.


This guide features resources for encouraging academic integrity at TCC. The TCC Student Handbook explains and defines academic integrity.

Article III, Item 5: Cheating is the improper collaboration or unauthorized assistance in connection with any academic work. Prohibited behaviors includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Copying another individual’s or group’s academic work.
  2. Receiving and utilizing academic work for purposes of fulfilling an academic requirement.
  3. Receiving or attempting to receive payment services or academic credit under false pretense.<
  4. Completing any academic work for someone else or permitting someone else to complete academic work on your behalf.
  5. Using any bribe or unauthorized aid (e.g., outside source, cell phone, calculator, notes, previous testing materials)


Article III, Item 31: Plagiarism is the use of work or ideas without proper acknowledgment of source. Prohibited behaviors includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Partial or incomplete citation of work or ideas.
  2. Improperly paraphrasing by acknowledging the source but failing to present the material in one’s own words.
  3. Paraphrasing without acknowledgment of the source.
  4. Multiple submissions of the same or substantially the same academic work for academic credit.
  5. Copying, partially or entirely, any material without acknowledgment of the source

Use of artificial intelligence tools is left up to your faculty member to determine what is appropriate in each class. Make sure you follow the guidance given for each class. What is allowable in one class may not be allowable in another. 

TCC Academic Integrity Videos

The short videos below were written, performed, and produced by the TCC Southeast Campus Drama faculty and students. They are available for you to add into your Canvas classes. The links are only accessible to TCC students, staff, and faculty. Enjoy!

APA & MLA Plagiarism Tutorials

The TCC Libraries offer two tutorials to teach students more about plagiarism and how to avoid it. They can take a short quiz at the end of the tutorials and send their instructor emailed proof of completion. The tutorials cover the same content but use different citation styles.