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Trinity River Library Games Guide: Home

An on-line version of the print guide to the various board games and card games available for checkout at the Trinity River Campus Library

Welcome To The On-Line Games Guide!

Trinity River Campus Library Game Guide


The Tahita Fulkerson Library at Trinity River Campus offers a variety of games for the staff, students and faculty to check out, as part of our commitment to supporting Tarrant County College's mission of enriching the community through education and entertainment.

The games are sorted into various categories, based on the genre of the game. Click on the tabs above to get a listing of all the games currently available for check out at the Trinity River Campus. Each game record will list basic information on each game such as its objective, how many players it requires, how long it typically takes to play, the recommended age for the game and how difficult it is.

Do you disagree with our assessment or have a suggestion for a game the library should get? Please contact Public Service Librarian Matt Morrison using the information in the box on the right.

Public Services Librarian