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TCC Libraries Curbside Pickup: Requesting Items

Instructions for checking out items from TCC Libraries including requesting an item, cancelling a request, and curbside pickup instructions.

Requesting Items for Curbside Pickup

  2. In the TCC Catalog box, enter your search criteria and click the Search button. 
    TCC Libraries Search Form
  3. If there are multiple versions, click See all versions, or click the title. 
    Catalog Search Results
  4. Click the title of the desired version.  
    TCC Versions Results
  5. If you are not logged in, click Sign in
    Sign In Link
  6. Once signed in, click Request for Curbside Pickup.  
    curbside pickup link
  7. Click the Pickup Location drop down box.  
    Pickup location drop down
  8. Choose the campus where you would like to pick up your item(s) using curbside pickup.  
    choose pickup location
  9. In comments, enter any information pertinent to this loan, then click SEND REQUEST.  
    send request button
  10. You will receive a confirmation message when your request is saved.  
    request confirmation
  11. An email will be sent when your items are ready to be picked up.