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MUSI 1310 NE Dewey: Getting Started

How do I start a research project?

Getting Started

Choosing a topic can feel overwhelming but there are steps to ease the selection process. 

1. Conduct an initial investigation 

Searching for broad background information will help guide in narrowing the topic and allow you to gauge the current of state. Using online sources such Wikipedia or Google often times provide a simplified explanation or provide the context to better understand the topic. 

2. Formulate a research question

Having a topic is not enough to conduct research. What about your topic are you investigating? 

Searching for information can be daunting but brainstorming the different aspects you will focus on will create achievable steps.

3. Finding Sources

Things to consider when searching for sources: 

  • Are there a minimum number or maximum number of sources required? 

  • Can you use online sources or are you limited to sources strictly from the library's databases? 

  •  Is the source the latest edition? Is there any updated information? 

Writing a Thesis Statement

Are you not sure how to write a thesis statement? The links below will help guide you in writing a better research paper. Also, watch this video to gain a better understanding of what writing a thesis statement entails. 

Tips and Examples for Writing Thesis Statements from

Purdue Online Writing Lab | College of Liberal Arts.


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