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EDUC 1301 SO: Database Resources

This Research Guide will assist you in doing research on education topics for your teacher education class EDUC 1301.

Limiting Your Search Results

All library database searches can be configured to bring you the results most specific to your search. Check each database search screen for options which let you "limit" your search to articles published within a certain year or years, with a certain number of pages in length or articles whose full text is available in the database.

Social Problems Databases

Try searching these databases with the name of your social problem coupled with the term education; for instance:

poverty and education

drug abuse and education

Education Databases

These databases contain articles from journals that cater to the professional educator.

General Databases

These databases cover a variety of topics and include scholarly journal articles on education.

Individual Education Journals

To browse or search popular educational books and journals just click on the links below. Please note the full-text of journals is often available only after a specified number of months.