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ENGL 1302 SO McAdams: Books and Ebooks

Finding Books for Your Research

Below are some books that are available in the South Campus Library and may be helpful in your research.  You can also search for books in all five campus libraries, and if you find one on another campus, you can request that it be sent here to South Campus for pickup.  If you want to search for more books, you can try searching on a title, an author, or a subject.  Some subjects to search for may include:  obesity and sugar, food industry and trade, nutrition United States, food habits United States, food politics, and sugar-free diet.  Some of the authors featured in the film (and whose names you can search for) include Michael Pollan, Michael Moss, Robert Lustig, and Mark BittmanCLICK HERE to link back to the TCC Library book search.

If the books in the lists below are hyperlinked, the link will take you to an e-book version.


The Food Industry