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BIOL 2389 SO Luyster: Locating Scholarly Articles

Publishing Embargo?

In academic publishing, an embargo is a period during which access to academic journals is not allowed to users who have not paid for access (or have access through their institution). The purpose of this is to protect the revenue of the publisher.

In the case of library subscription databases, embargo means that the publisher will not allow access to its digital content for the period of the embargo (usually 12 months, sometimes 6). Many scientific journals carry an embargo on their digital content.

Library Subscription Databases

Looking for a Specific Journal Title?

A number of TCC's Library databases will allow you to search for journals by title. In the example below, we clicked on "Publications" in Academic Search Complete to get to this page. From here, we can browse the alphabetical list of titles or enter a specific journal title in the search box.


 Journal Title Search

Limiting Your Searches to Scholarly Journals

A number of TCC's Library databases will enable you to limit your searches to academic journals. It's as simple as putting a checkmark in the appropriate box, as illustrated below.

 Scholarly Journals Search