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BIOL 2389 SO Luyster: Locating Scholarly Articles

Where can I find scholarly articles?


TCC Article Databases on the library homepage are the best tools to use to find newspaper, magazine, and journal articles. Visit to get started.

Library Subscription Databases

Searching for Articles

When searching for articles on a topic, remember to think carefully about your search terms.  Being a little more thoughtful in your searching will give you better results.  Use these steps to create your search strategy:

  • In one sentence, describe your topic.
  • Underline the main concepts in your sentence.
  • Write out your main concepts; keep them simple -- one word or a short phrase.
  • Think about synonyms for each of these and keep a list.
  • Use combinations of these words and their synonyms in your search box; link concepts with AND.

Try using this worksheet to help you create a good search: 

Helpful links

Parts of a research article

Research articles contain different sections, your research article may contain all or some of these sections:

Title and Author information: The title provides the main idea of the article and authors are listed, along with their affiliation.

Abstract: A paragraph that summarizes the article.

Introduction (may not always be labeled): Provides background, states the purpose of the research, may discuss previous research leading up to the study, and may state a hypothesis or question.

Method or Methodology: Describes how the research was conducted, with details about the study sample, assessment measures and procedure.

Results or Findings: A summary of the findings presented in text or table format, may have individual sections with specific information.

Discussion, Comments or Conclusion: Explains how the results answered the research question and may suggest future areas for research.

References: A listing of works cited by the author(s).