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GOVT 2306 SO Allen: Find Books


Many books can be found here at the Tarrant County Community College on U.S. Presidential elections. Some subject search terms you might want to consider when using the online catalog include:

Presidents--United States--Elections

Electoral college--United States

Voting--United States

Elections--United States

Election law--United States

Political campaigns--United States--History--20th century

United States--Politics and government

Begin your search

Discover books and more by searching the library catalog.  Try your keyword search here.   



Tip: Put phrases and concepts in quotation marks or use AND, OR, NOT to get more precise results.  

For example:

  • "electoral college"
  • politics AND texas
  • governor NOT bush
  • voting OR elections

To limit your search by format, title, or author, use the Advanced Search.

Google Books

Library of Congress Classification

Subclass JS


JS39‑8500                              Local government.  Municipal government

JS55‑68                                        History       

JS141‑163                                    Executive branch.  Mayor

JS171                                           Legislative branch

JS221‑227                                    Elections. Local elections. Municipal elections

JS241‑271                                    Local government other than municipal

JS300‑1583                                   United States

Reading Call Numbers


Most academic libraries use the Library of Congress (LC) classification system to organize their materials. Each item is labeled with an LC call number which acts like an address for the book. The call number indicates exactly where the book is located on the library shelves. Find the call number in parentheses immediately after the name of the library when looking at the information about a particular book.

screenshot of a book record featuring the call number and location