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Crowley Collegiate Academy SO Research Guide: Citing Sources

This guide is designed to provide Crowley Collegiate Academy students with resources for their research projects.

TCC Style Guides

Below are links to PDF documents giving citation examples for MLA style.

Northeast, Northwest, South, and Trinity River Campuses use:

MLA 8th Style Examples

MLA 7th Style Examples

Southeast Campus uses:

MLA Style Examples


Other Citation Resources

Citing Sources in MLA Style

There is a copy of the MLA Handbook in the reference collection at each campus. This is the official style guide published by the Modern Language Association, and contains a wealth of information on how to cite sources as well as how to format your paper.

Note: Students should check with their instructor to determine acceptable style format. Remember, your instructor is the final authority for all citation questions.

Citation Tips

Many students wait until they finish writing their paper before citing their sources. They may find themselves “on a roll,” and won't want to stop to check or to cite their sources, thinking they will add their citations later. It is a better idea to cite your sources as you find them and use them.  Use these tips to help ensure that documenting your sources is quick and easy!

  1. When you decide to use a source, be sure to copy all the information required to develop a citation.
  2. When you add a quote to your paper, document the page number (or the paragraph number if no page number is present) of where the quote was found.
  3. Also, be careful when you cut and paste your quote from one of our database articles to your paper. It is all too easy, while writing, to cut and paste a quotation without also jotting down the citation information. Forgetting to document a source is considered plagiarism.

The best way to make sure you do not forget to cite the sources you use - cite while you write!