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BUSI 2301 – Business Law

This guide will help students with their Lessons Beyond the Classroom assignments.

We will look at key library resources to use in order complete the assignments.

Guidelines for the assignment:

A list of key concepts related to the chapter or chapters we have reviewed to date.  Once I provide you with the key concepts you are to select ONE (1) concept that interest you and do a bit of research on your own and provide the following:

  • In your own words, a definition of the concept(s) selected
  • Find an article, related to the concept you selected and write a brief summary of the article and describe how you see the concept applied in the article selected and in a real small business OR Interview a small business owner asking them how they see this concept applied in their business.
  • Your LBC should be no less than two paragraphs for each concept and no more than two pages covering both concepts in length.
  • Try to find articles that are around 1-3 pages maximum, anything lengthier than that will be difficult to summarize in one page.  If using an article, provide credit where credit is due by properly citing the name, author, and publisher of the article.