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Making at TCC: Home

The page for all things Maker related at Tarrant County College.


The Maker culture is a contemporary subculture representing a technology-based extension of DIY culture that intersects with hardware-oriented parts of hacker culture and revels in the creation of new devices as well as tinkering with existing ones. The Maker culture in general supports open-source hardware. Wikipedia

Making...the process of making or producing something.Oxford Languages

Making at Tarrant County College involves dedicated Maker spaces as well as Maker activities, Maker services, and Maker equipment that can be utilized anywhere (pop up).
All Maker equipment, activities, and services are open to all TCC students, staff, and faculty.
Maker Coordinators on each campus are ready to help you discover the resources available for your needs.

For more information about anything Maker related on your campus, contact your Maker Coordinator.

NE: Ricardo Garcia,  RICARDO.GARCIA@TCCD.EDU, 817-515-6314

NW: Brandon Wineman,  BRANDON.WINEMAN@TCCD.EDU, 817-515-7047

SE: Andrew Strohschein,  FRANK.STROHSCHEIN@TCCD.EDU, 817-515-3087

SO: Mariya Hapiy,  MARIYA.HAPIY@TCCD.EDU, 817-515-4026

TR: Kristy Hill, kristy.hill@TCCD.EDU, 817-515-1233

Connect: Brian Cervantes,  BRIAN.CERVANTEZ@TCCD.EDU, 817-515-8038