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PSYC 2301 Williamson: Research Study

Databases recommendations by topic

  • Does social reinforcement (like praise) increase homework completion?

Peters, K. P., Vollmer, T. R., Donaldson, J. M., & Walker, S. F. (2022). Assessment of Variables Contributing to Academic Task Engagement. Education & Treatment of Children, 45(2), 135+.

  • Does birth order have an impact on procrastination, relationship styles…”
  • Are middle-born children more likely to put off tasks until the last minute?
  • Does biological sex effect short-term memory?
  • Do violent video games cause boys or girls to become more aggressive?
  • Do students who listen to music while studying perform better or worse on exams?
  • Are bullied students more likely to have worse grades than their non-bullied peers?
  • Do children (college students) who eat breakfast perform better in school than those who do not eat breakfast?
  • Does stress lead to poor performance?
  • Do people that exercise regularly have fewer stress-related illnesses?
  • Can certain colors affect moods?
  • Does the importance of friendships diminish with age?
  • Are only children more self-centered than children with siblings?
  • Does music cause a change in heart rate?
  • Are people that use social media at higher risk for depression?