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INRW 0399 SO TYRER: Streaming Video

This tab will help you discover streaming videos available through the TCC library for you to complete your research.

Streaming Video at TCC Library

Below are some of the videos available through the internet and TCC Library. 

See the box to the left to learn how to find other videos on this topic. 

How to get the best search results

Boolean Searching 

  • Use AND to limit search results; require both words to be in result: 
    • death AND penalty
  • Use OR to expand search; requires either word to be in result 
    • segregation OR isolation
  • Use NOT to limit search results; removes an unwanted term 
    • executions NOT public


  • When searching for words in a phrase, put them together in quotation marks to keep them together 
    • For example “capital punishment”  

Streaming Video

Below are a few of the streaming video databases that can help you in finding video on the topic of the death penalty and capital punishment. 

Selected videos