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National Moth Week 2023 -NW Library: Home


Moths are one of the most diverse organisms on earth, with an estimate of 150,000 – 500,000 different species. Additionally, moths are important pollinators to crops and flora, and they are food sources to many animals. National Moth Week puts a spotlight on moths to celebrate their beauty and appreciate their essential role to the environment.

This year, National Moth Week is observed July 22nd - July 30th, 2023. 

Check out the National Moth Week organization for more information regarding National Moth Week.


Butterfly or Moth?

One way you can tell moths and butterflies apart is by looking at their antennae. Butterflies have skinny, club-shaped antennae with a long shaft and bulb at the end, while moths' antennae are feathery or saw-edged. Sometimes you will see moths with antennae that appear skinny like a butterfly's, but these typically still are saw-edged.

Another method of distinguishing the two insects is looking at how they hold their wings when resting. Butterflies fold their wings up on their backs vertically; however, moths tend to display their wings to hide the abdomen. Lastly, moths typically have shorter, fatter bodies than butterflies, with more hair. 

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