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BIOL 2421 Microbiology Unknown SE: Ebooks

Study guides for BIOL 2421 and resources to help you complete your microbiology unknown assignment,.

Recommended Ebooks

Below are some selected ebooks and quick reference guides that will assist you with BIOL 2420 concepts. 


Using the Library Catalog

To search for ebooks: 

  1. Go to the TCC Library homepage
  2. Use the TCC Catalog and select Ebooks
  3. Enter search keywords like the subject you're interested in, title, author, etc.
  4. When you find the ebook you need, click Available Online to open it
  5. Log in with your myTCC username and password if prompted
Gif of search process

Follow these steps to search for ebooks. 

Search Results

Once you find the book you need, click Available Online to open it. 

To search in EBSCOhost or ProQuest Ebook Central:

  • Click the Alphabetical List of Databases dropdown 
  • Select Ebook Central from ProQuest OR eBook Collection from EBSCOhost

Choosing Keywords

When choosing the terms you will use to search for books, remember to keep your terms general and just pick out key concepts. Save specific searches for article databases. For example, if I wanted to know about food poisoning caused by E. coli, I might just search on "E. coli infection" or maybe E. coli AND food.