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BIOL 2421 Microbiology Unknown SE: Websites

Study guides for BIOL 2421 and resources to help you complete your microbiology unknown assignment,.

Some Useful Web Sources

BioMed Central (BMC) is an online publisher of free peer-reviewed scientific articles in all areas of medical research and biology.

Encyclopedia of Life is an online reference source and database for every one of the 1.8 million species that are named and known on this planet. It is compiled from existing databases and from contributions by experts and non-experts throughout the world. It aims to build one "infinitely expandable" page for each species, including video, sound, images, graphics, as well as text.

Influenza Virus Resource aims to rapidly sequence flu viruses from samples collected from all over the world, from birds, pigs, and other animals, as well as humans. is a frequently updated microbiology information portal covering a wide variety of resources.

OpenStax Microbiology textbook is a free online undergraduate textbook for microbiology.

PubMed Central (PMC) is a federally funded database of full-text research articles. Many PMC articles resulted from federally funded research or were published in open access journals. 

Todar's Online Textbook of Bacteriology is an introductory textbook on many aspects of bacteriology including sections on pathogenic properties of bacteria and the characteristics of bacteria that are harmful to humans.


Evaluating Websites

Remember to put all websites through the CAARP test!

  • CURRENCY: Can you find a date on the website? If there are citations, are most of the sources published in the last five years?
  • AUTHORITY: Is the website produced by a university or research organization? Can you verify that there are science or medical experts involved in its production?
  • ACCURACY: Is anyone checking this site for errors? 
  • RELEVANCE: Is the information appropriate for a college student to use? Is it in-depth but understandable?
  • PURPOSE: Do you see any bias? Is it selling a product or asking you to take a political action?