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HPRS 1202 Health and Wellness Promotion : Mount Healthmore Project

Step 1: Explore Influential Medical Professionals

When first choosing your topic, using search engines like Google can help you quickly explore a range of topics.  For this project, we've collected some websites for you that list influential medical professionals from a variety of perspectives.  

You will need to make sure your topic is researchable in the next step. Take some time exploring different figures before you choose one to move on to the next step. 

Step 2: Identify and Gather

Once you have identified an influential medical professional you'd like to research, use the online resources and databases below to check to make sure the topic is researchable. 

What makes a topic researchable?

  1. You are interested and curious about the topic.
  2. There are authoritative, reliable, academic resources with information you can gather. 

If you cannot find information on your topic in the online library resources, check with your professor to make sure your topic meets the requirements of the project or if you need to find another researchable topic. 

Ask a Librarian!

Ask a Librarian! Each TCC Library has professional researchers (librarians) available in-person and online to help students with the research process. They can help you focus your research, sometimes suggest keywords to use for your topic, and guide you to the best resources available. To ask for help online, send an email to: or visit the Ask a Librarian page.