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HIST 1301 SO Story: Database Resources

Suggested Search Terms

Here are suggestions for key terms to use when searching the library databases for articles on your topics:

Topic: Migration as a factor in American history

  • migration and america
  • emigration and america
  • manifest destiny
  • frontier and america

Topic: The Place and Importance of Religion in America

  • religion and america and history
  • founding fathers and religion
  • religion and united states

Topic: Us vs. Them - divisive forces in American history

  • politics and america
  • progressivism and america
  • new deal
  • political parties

 Topic: Native Americans in United States History

  • native americans
  • indians and governement
  • native americans and treaties
  • indians and treaties
  • american indians

Topic: Slavery in American History

  • slavery United States history
  • america and slavery
  • abolitionists

Using Library Databases

Finding Articles in Periodicals:

From the Library Mainpage,  follow the Find Articles (Databases) link. You will need to select which database you want to use for your research. Sorting through all these databases may at first be intimidating due to the number of choices available. To help you get started, the most commonly used databases are listed by subject category in the top middle of the screen. Databases are also listed by title and vendor (the person we purchase the database from).

Off-Campus Note: If you are using a computer outside the TCC network, you will be redirected to a login page after you select one of the database services. The login page will give you specific instructions on entering your user name and password. If you have problems signing on, contact the library staff for assistance.

Once you select the appropriate database(s), enter your search terms. You can perform a basic or advanced search. The basic search is further divided by keywords or exact phrases. For most searches, basic keyword combinations [Example: privacy and terrorism] are sufficient. If you need to limit your results to "scholarly" or "peer-reviewed" journals only, check the box labeled "peer-reviewed." In addition, check the box labeled "full text" so you will only get articles that include the full text.

Document formats:

Once you have completed your search and are viewing the result list, you will notice that many articles are available in different formats. HTML Full Text - This format includes just the text of the article and has limited graphics. This is the best choice if you do not need the included images or graphics, or you are saving/emailing the article and need to conserve space on your computer disk or in your mailbox. PDF or Full Page Image - A scanned image that displays the article just as it appeared in the magazine or journal. It will include any charts, graphics, and pictures that appeared with the original article. This can be useful if you are looking for visual aids. Viewing a PDF requires the free Acrobat Reader.

If the documents are not what you are looking for, click on "Refine Search" and try other terms. Try searching synonyms, using specific phrases for exact searches, or use the Expand Search to locate related words.