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HIST 1302 SO Snaples: Academic Internet Sources

Smart Web Searches

Advanced Web Searching

Most search engines offer "advanced" search features.  (Google's link for "advanced" is just to the right of the main search box on the Google homepage.)  Advanced features let you control your results with domain (site "type") limiters, language preferences, and other options.

If you're going to use the open Web, use it wisely.  Control your results, and don't just settle for what's at the top of the list.


Critical Thinking

Evaluate what you find!

Whether you search the Web or the Databases, be critical and discerning in your searches and in your use of whatever you might find.  Think about:



 is this source correct?  how do you know for sure?


 who created the document?  what credentials does she have?



is this information new or is it older?  why might that matter for your project?



is there apparent bias in this source?  if so, what is the author's agenda?



how much information about the subject are you getting?  is there "conspicuously absent" information here?

Selected Academic History Websites