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PSYC 2306 SO: Start Here

Use suggested research resources in TCC Library's collection for information on social, psychological, and biological issues related to sexuality.

Researching Your Topic

Sometimes deciding what to research can be very difficult!    Researching sexuality topics can pose a few additional difficulties.  Some people get nervous discussing intimate topics.  Some people are afraid that they are studying something for a personal reason.   Sometimes, the research is for personal information but often it is for the sake of interest.  

But, in general, the research process is most rewarding when we are learning something new and different.  As with anything,  don't hesitate to ask questions.  A principle of librarianship is to answer topics and questions without judgment.

Websites for Brainstorming Topics


If you are having trouble finding a topic, there are a few sites that offer a lot of information on sexuality issues.   You can look at these sites and brainstorm topics.

Kinsey Institute

American Psychological Association Sexuality Topic page

Planned Parenthood - Learn


Start Here

Finding a Research Topic

  • Select a topic that interests you
  • Read some background information about your topic
  • State your research topic as a single sentence or question--what are you trying to find out?
  • Brainstorm keywords that describe your topic

Narrowing a topic:

If you are describing your topic in one or two words, like "sexuality" or "marriage", it is too broad.  If you are finding dozens of potential sources, your topic is too broad.  A good, managable topic addresses a specific question or situation.

Try these sources to brainstorm topic ideas:

Issues & Controversies can be a good place to start looking for research topic ideas and overviews.

CQ Researcher is another good source for topic ideas and background information.

topic ideas with specific research questions




History of human sexuality research
Female sexual anatomy
Male sexual anatomy
Sexual response
Sexual intimacy
Styles of love
Sexuality and culture
Sexual behavior
Sexual fantasy
Sexual dysfunctions
Sexually transmitted infections
Gender development
Gender roles
Gender stereotypes
Sexual orientation development
Sexual orientation and culture
Sexual orientation and discrimination
Sexuality in children
Freud sexual development
Sexuality and aging
Sexual aggression
Sexual coercion
Rape myths
Rape recovery
Child sex abuse
Sexual harassment
Sexual addiction
Development of Paraphilias
Pornography and relationships
Pornography addiction