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ENGL 1301 SO McGilbrey: Unit 3 - Exploratory Essay

This guide has been designed to assist you in the research for your ENGL 1301 assignments.

Using Databases

Which Database Should I use for....?

The EBSCOHost databases Academic Search Complete and Masterfile Premier are always good places to begin your searching if you don't know where to start. The databases listed in the Multi-Subject category are general databases that are useful for a variety of subjects.

Browse the databases by category to get other ideas of places to search. If you are doing a persuasive/argumentative paper or speech, check out the search tips on the controversial topics tab above. If you are doing literary criticism then check out the tips on the Literature Essays tab above. If you still can't decide or can't find what you want, ask a librarian.

Can I search more than one database at a time?

By clicking on a vendor name in the Database Collections area of the library databases page you can search all the Databases provided to the TCC libraries by that specific vendor. For instance:When you click on EBSCOHost, you will retrieve a list of all the EBSCOHost databases to which the TCC Libraries subscribe, you can search the MasterFile Search Premier, the Academic Search Premier and the Business Source Premier at the same time by checking the box next to each title.

Each service is a little different, but once you have used them you will begin to see that the basic idea of keyword searching can be applied almost anywhere.

Can't I just Google it?

The simple answer is No, you can't just Google it. The TCC libraries pay for your access to the databases we provide, therefore that information is not available for free on the internet. Our vendors want to make sure that only TCC students access this information, that is why you have to login when you are using an off-campus computer.

For a more complete discussion of this issue, see the Databases vs. Internet tab above.

What if the article isn't in full text?

If the article you locate is not available in full text, click on the Article Linker icon:

Article Linker will direct you to a page that will let you know if that particular article/journal is available in full text in any of the databases to which the TCC libraries subscribe. If the article is not available in full text in any of the TCC library databases, bring the citation to your campus librarian and we will see if we can locate the journal in another local library for you.
Remember that some science and medical journals have an "embargo" of 6, 9, or 12 months on their electronic information. An embargo means that the journal owners do not release their journal articles to database aggregators until 6, 9, or 12 months after the publication date.

Individual Database Tutorials


Tutorials on using the different TCC library subscription databases can be found on the Database Tutorial Page.


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