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ENGL 1301 SO McGilbrey: Home

This guide has been designed to assist you in the research for your ENGL 1301 assignments.

Getting Started

The Library homepage offers a simple and fast search engine that allows you to search simultaneously for books, articles, and more. Think of it like Google, but it just searches journal, magazine, newspapers and other sources. You won't get all the junk!

The best library assignments are those that use a variety of resources including reference books, circulating books, newspapers and journal articles, and government documents. We encourage you to use all of these sources for this paper. Books should provide some excellent background on your topic. Journal articles, if they are current, give you more up-to-date details. We hope you will take full advantage of the many resources our libraries offer.

Find TCC Books

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It is a great place to begin your research if you are just starting out. However, there are some times when you might want to use a subject specific library database. For example, if are writing a history paper, use a history database; a nursing student might have better luck with a nursing database; etc. You can find subject-specific databases here.

If you need help, please Ask-A-Librarian.

ENGL1301 Syllabus

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