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Horror in Literature and Film (NW): Books & eBooks



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Keywords to Try

Depending on your topic, different keywords can narrow down your search results. Here are some to try:

  • Women in motion pictures
  • Gender role in motion pictures
  • Sex role in motion pictures
  • Horror films
  • Horror AND Gender
  • Horror AND Guilt
  • Horror AND Moral*
  • Horror AND Penance OR Penitence
  • Horror AND Punishment
  • Horror AND Psychology
  • Horror AND Myth*
  • Fear AND Moral*
  • Fear AND Humor
  • Science AND Supernatural
  • Science AND Literature
  • Psychology AND Literature
  • Psychology AND Monster* 

FUN FACT: The asterisk (*) truncates a term and will search all forms of the word that follow the truncation symbol. For example, moral* will find moral, morals, and morality, while myth* will find myth, myths, mythology, and mythological. Using the asterisk means you don't have to search each of those terms individually.

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