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LibChat Practices and Procedures: Home

A guide to best practices and common procedures for LibChat.

Table of Contents

I. Best Practices

A. Pre-Chat/Post-Chat

  • Login, Status, Sign Off

B. During Your Chat

  • Beginning, Middle, and End Stages of Chat

C. Special Circumstances

  • When to Transfer, Patron in Crisis, Difficult Patrons

II. Chat Settings

A. Definitions

  • Definitions of LibChat-specific terms

B. Shift Settings

  • Procedures for Logging In, Checking and Changing Status, Logging Out

C. Features and Statistics

  • Procedures for Recording Statistics, Canned Messages, Creating a Ticket, Closing a Ticket

III. Chatting

A. Chatting With Staff

  • Procedures for Internal Chats, Transferring a Chat

B. Chatting With Patrons

  • Procedures for Answering a Chat, Ending a Chat, Screensharing in Chat