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Adding Library Resources to Canvas: Getting Started

Make it easier for your students to find and use scholarly library resources by adding links to those resources within your Canvas course pages.


Make it easier for your students to find and use scholarly library resources by adding links to those resources within your Canvas course pages. Reduce your fears about copyright issues by using library-owned materials. Remember, you can always contact a librarian at your campus for help with any of this!

There are two ways to include materials (such as articles and/or videos) in your course. The choice is yours: 

  1. Add an article or video as a module item
  2. Embed or link to an article or video within a page of your course

Once you have determined the location, you will need to get the link to the library resources you wish to add. Please use the navigation tabs above to get instructions on how to do this.

Add a Library Resource as a Module Item

Use this method to create a new module item for virtually any e-book, article, streaming video, or research guide available through the TCC libraries.


Canvas course navigation menu with Modules link boxed in red for emphasis

1. Open Modules

  • Open your Canvas course.
  • In the Course Navigation menu, click the Modules link.








2. Click the Add Item buttonAdd new item icon on Canvas Modules page

  • The Add Item button looks like a plus sign. (+)
  • Locate the Add Item button to the right of the module title.



3. Add External URLAdd Item dialog box with menu expanded and External URL option highlighted for selection

  • In the drop-down menu, select the External URL option.

  • Type or paste the URL [1]. This must be a stable URL or permalink.Add module item dialog box with options expanded
    Type a page name [2].
    Optional: Click the Load in a new tab checkbox to have the item open in a new browser window [3].

  • Click the Add Item button.Add external URL as a module item dialog box










screenshot of sample module item showing a successful link to library article

4. Review and publish your module item

  • Return to Modules from the course navigation menu.
  • Locate the item you just created and verify if it is visible to students.
  • A green icon to the right of the item indicates it is published and visible.




Sample list of library resources linked in a Canvas module6. Repeat to add more external links to this or any module






Embed or Link to a Resource Within a Canvas Page

Use this method to insert a link to library resources within an existing page of your Canvas course.


Canvas course navigation menu with Pages option selected1. Open Pages

  • Open your Canvas course.
  • Click the Pages link from the Course Navigation menu. 







View all pages button from Canvas2. Open the page you want to edit

  • Click the View All Pages button to open the page index.

    Sample list of pages from Canvas course
  • Click the title of the page you want to edit.

    Page view in Canvas with Edit button selected
  • Click the "Edit" button.







Edit web link and description dialogue box3. Select link location

  • In the editing box, highlight the text to be linked.
  • Click the "Hyperlink" button.  A popup menu should appear.  (If not, disable the popup blocker on your browser.)



Dialogue box used to add links to text in a content area or description4. Open Links menu

  • In the popup menu, type the link to your desired content in the URL box.
  • Click the "Open Link in New Window" box if so desired.
  • Click the "Submit" button.


5. Content Linked

  • Your content should be linked to the selected text.