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Guide to Printing: Introduction

Convenience, Choice, and Quality

Send a document to print from anywhere – home or on campus. You can use a laptop, email, USB drive, mobile device, cloud storage, or lab computer and conveniently retrieve documents at a wepa print kiosk on any campus. 

Multiple kiosks are located on each campus and are accessible anytime the buildings are open – no more waiting on a lab or library to open!

If you wish, you may choose to print single or double-sided. Color printing is also available. Wepa prints most Windows and MAC file types.

Kiosks use high-quality laser paper and high-definition ink.

Quick and Easy

TCC students, faculty, and staff and visitors from the community may print in black & white or color using the Wēpa Print Stations which are located in various places on each campus.

  1. Create Your Account
    STUDENTS: Your wēpa accounts have already been created. You will use the same username and password that you use to log into WebAdvisor or myTCC.
    VISITORS: Create your wēpa account at any wēpa print station or online at
    *A wēpa account is not required if using a USB drive to print directly from a kiosk.

  2. Deposit Funds
    At the wēpa print station log in and select the “Deposit Funds” button.
    On the web, log in at and select “Menu>Deposit Funds.”
    Wēpa print cards are available for purchase at the library on each campus ($5 cash only).
  3. Upload Your Documents
    Public computer workstations located in TCC libraries, labs, and learning centers have wēpa printers installed.
    You can also send your documents to the wēpa print cloud from your smart phone, tablet or personal computer.
  4. Go to any Wēpa Print Station
    Enter your username and password or swipe a tagged card.
    (Tag any card with a magnetic stripe to your wēpa account. Log in and select the “tag card” icon at the wēpa print station to tag your card.)
  5. Print Your Documents
    Select your method of payment.
    Wēpa account and credit/debit cards are accepted.

Printing Costs

Black & White
   Single sided = $.10 per page
   Double sided = $.18 per page

   Single sided = $.50 per page
   Double sided = $.80 per page

The Print Kiosk

WEPA print station