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Guide to Printing: Find a Print Kiosk Near Me


Building Floor Location
NLIB Right of Reserve/Checkout desk (Wheelchair Accessible)
NACB Inside Academic Learning Center
NBSS 2nd Floor Under TV near vending area
NTAB Across from NTAB 1126R 
NSTU Near vending/testing center
NSCW 2 NSCW 2212 A-X (right of door)
Building Floor Location
WTLO 1st Floor Lobby
3rd Floor WTLO 3402 (wheelchair accessible)
WACB Wall of current printers
WCTS Near Copy Center
WFAB 2nd Floor Opposite of WFAB 2615 against wall
WSTU 1st Floor Near vending machines
WCJC   Vending machine area in student lounge
OWTL   Open area near classrooms
Building Floor Location
SLIB 1 Near DSL Devices (Wheelchair Accessible)
SACB 1 SACB 1210-Hall - next to vending machine
SCLC 2 SCLC 0106 (next to exit sign)
SBUS 2 SBUS 2116 (next to room on left)
SSTU 2 Near floor landing
Building Floor Location
ESED 1st Floor Kiosk A & B (wheelchair accessible)
ESCT Left of information sign in hall
Lobby across from elevators
ESEE 2nd floor ESEE 2220 - hall near seats
1st floor  Under monitor (across from ESEE 1202-1206 sign)
Near ESEE 2141 (under whiteboard)
Building Floor Location
Trinity (TRTR) 2 (Main Street) Near Bookstore
  3 Student Lounge (near Science Lab)
East Fork (TREF) 1 (Main Street) Near Writing Center
  2 Near Discovery Center
  2 Inside Library
  2 Elevator Lobby
West Fork (TRWF) 5 TRWF 5609 (right of flat screen)
East Campus (TRHA) 1 Under Stairwell near TRHA 1000E-X