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ARTS 1301 / 2346 / 2347 SO: Home

This Research Guide is designed to assist you in your research for ARTS 1301, 2346, 2347


The purpose of this guide is to support the research needs of students in ART 1301 Art Appreciation I, ART 2346 Ceramics I, and 2347 Ceramics II.  Here you will find information on how to locate articles, ebooks, and other resources containing information that you can use to support your class discussions and other assignments.


Get Organized

Begin with your textbook and class notes.  Look up what your book and notes say about the artist or topic you are researching.  As you discuss artists in class, jot down specific artists, art or works that elicit strong emotion for you.  Do not limit yourself to art you "like".  Sometimes, stepping out and learning about an artists life, work of art, or about the political or social situation that inspired art can help change how you think and feel about the artwork.