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BIOL 2420 Ertle SE : Print Books

This customized BIOL 2420 guide is for students in classes taught by Laurie Ertle at TCC SE. It is tailored to your class assignment.

Recommended Print Books

The following selection of print study guides may be helpful for you in BIOL 2420. The only difference between a print book and an ebook is the format, so choose whichever format works better for you. 

Check Out a Print Book from TCC

The TCC Libraries have many biology books on the shelves ready for you to check out with your TCC ID card. You can also have books from other TCC campuses sent to your home campus for free. Follow the directions below to search for more books.


To Find Print Books in the TCC Library:

1. Begin on the Library homepage at 

2. Scroll down to the box on the left that says TCC Catalog

3. Select the "In the Library" box

4. Select your home campus or leave the selection as Any Campus

5. Type what you want to find in the search box, such as "genetics" and click the Search button

6. Check the location of your chosen book, and use the call number (Ex: QH437 .H37 2019) to find it on the shelf

7. If the book is not available at your campus, follow the directions below to have the book sent to your campus for free

Step 1 Begin on the Library Website
2 Scroll down to the TCC Catalog box
Select catalog search options
Look to the bottom of the screen to find the library and the call number where the book is held

Request a Book Be Sent to Your Campus

The TCC Libraries share their collection, so you can have any eligible book sent to your home campus for free. It may take several days to transfer the book, so plan ahead. 

1. Find a book you want and click the "Sign in" link

2. Click the Request link

3. Select the campus you want to send the book to

4. Click the Send Request link

5. When the book arrives at your chosen campus, you will receive an email in your myTCC email account

Sign in to the Library
Step 2 Request for Pickup
Select the campus and send the request