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BIOL 2420 Ertle SE : Web Sources

This customized BIOL 2420 guide is for students in classes taught by Laurie Ertle at TCC SE. It is tailored to your class assignment.

A Selection of Web Sources for Microbiology

How to Search for Science Information on the Web

Finding science information through a Google search can be tricky and time consuming. Many websites are low-quality, full of ads, and/or plagiarize information from elsewhere. Some websites contain false information or try to sell you products you do not need. One of the best and easiest ways to find high quality information for your class assignments is to stick with using websites from federal science agencies. These sites are written by experts and contain verified information. Add the command site:gov to your Google search to narrow your search results down to just these websites. 

For example: measles site:gov

Remember to Use the CAARP Test to Evaluate Websites!

The quality of your research depends on the quality of your sources. Use the CAARP Test to help you choose credible sources.