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Computing Basics: Home

A basic guide to computer literacy.


In today's modern university, a good grasp of basic computing skills is fundamental to academic success. This guide will give you a basic rundown of simple skills and knowledge you'll need, with links to tutorials you may find of use. Use the tabs above to navigate through the five sections.

I. The Absolute Basics
     The parts of a computer and how to make use of them. 

II. Navigating Your Device
     Types of computers and an explanation of hardware, software and operating systems.

III. Chromebooks
     A special page devoted to Chromebooks and navigating the Virtual Desktop.

IV. Password Management
     Why passwords are important and tips and tricks for coming up with a good one.

V. Internet Browsers and Email
     Everything you need to know about the programs that let you access the Internet.

VI. Office Software
     Word processors, databases and everything else you need to write your papers.

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