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Computing Basics: The Absolute Basics

Basic Information On Manipulating A Computer

The Absolute Basics

Before we can learn how to use our computer, we must first learn how to manipulate it. This section will explain how to get our computer to do what we want by manipulating various parts of the computer.

Click here for a video playlist that runs through some basic computer skills demonstrations.

Turning On Your Device

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Each device has a Power Button, which turns on the device. On desktop computers and laptop computers, the Power Button typically is labeled with the above symbol. On tablets and smartphones, the Power Button is usually a small button located on the side of the device.

Please check the owner's manual for your specific device for details on locating the Power Button. In the case of laptops, tablets and smartphones, you may need to plug the device into an electrical outlet and let it charge before you can turn on the device. 

Touchpads And Mice

adult apple device business computer connection data desk drink electronics hands indoors information internet keyboard laptop macbook man office person portable screen table technology touchpad work working workspace laptop notebook computer work apple keyboard technology mouse phone macro office close home office font tap text hardware input multimedia leave calculator workplace datailaufnahme computer keyboard macro photo electronic device computer hardware musical keyboard computer component

The mouse is a hand-held pointing device, used to move a pointer (or cursor) around on the monitor. Some mice are cordless, but others have cords that look like tails. This is how these devices became known as mice. Desktop computers usually have mice but some laptop computer owners like to plug mice into their laptops as well.

Laptops may also have a touchpad, like in the image above, which acts in the same way as a mouse. Some mice also have trackballs, which are used to move the cursor instead of pulling on the whole mouse.

To learn more about using a mouse, try this interactive mouse tutorial.


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Keyboards are the main tool used for delivering in-depth instructions when communicating with a computer. Laptops have built-in keyboards, whereas desktops must have a keyboard plugged into them. 

To learn more about the parts of a keyboard and to improve your typing skills, try this free test.

Touch Screens

mobile hand screen apple ipad restaurant city travel internet tablet equipment journey blue map electronic device display digital photograph media navigation touchscreen information multimedia guide mobility app mock up application smartphone mobile hand technology internet finger telephone communication gadget business mobile phone modern cell phone social media brand product call cellphone touchscreen cellular connection multimedia connected mobility app touch screen portable telecommunication application mobile phones portable communications device apple i phone

Touch screens are used on tablets, smartphones and some monitors in place of a keyboard or mouse. You simply use your finger to touch what you want to interact with on the screen. For some utilities, like texting, a keyboard will automatically appear.

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