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This Research Guide is designed to assist you in your research for Film Appreciation class.

Welcome to Film Appreciation

Welcome to Introduction to Cinema. This Introduction to Cinema Research Guide is designed to help you easily locate the information you need to complete your Introduction to Cinema Final Project.

This Guide provides pointers for getting started with your research; however, your Introduction to Cinema Final Project will require some information that can only be obtained from you. For instance, the film structure; what type of editing, use of color, and the type of lighting that was used in the film, etc. Helpful tip: use lectures notes and the textbook.

Introduction to Cinema Final Project Grading Sheet

Film Appreciation Final Presentation Grading Sheet

 ___Film Name  

___Significant of Title (in your own words explain the title of the movie)


___Film rating 

___Date of Release 

___ Running Time 

___ Actors' Names 

___Name of Director 

___Names of Producers  

___Name of Cinematographer 

___Critical reviews of the film  

___Comparison to similar films and their box office revenues  


___*Structure (use the textbook)

___Plot (in your own words explain the movie)


___*Characters (use the textbook and study your film)

___*Editing(use the textbook to help you determine what type editing was used)

___*Use of color and Lighting use the textbook and study your film)

___*Music and Sound (study your film and read the textbook for help)

___*Acting (look at other bodies of work by the Actor(s))

___*Directing (look at other bodies of work by the Director)

___Personal review of film

___Sources cited

___PowerPoint presentation                                                                   Grade________/300                                                           

 *Information can be found in your textbook or from the movie itself.

**Presentation must be presented in class by the student and be complete to receive credit.


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