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Getting Started with HoloLens 2: Navigation

A basic introduction to using the HoloLens2 and some of the educational resources available, designed for the faculty and staff of TCC's Trinity River Campus.

Navigating HoloLens 2

The main HoloLens 2 menu resembles the desktop of a Windows PC or Android Smart Phone, with buttons for various functions. These include an Internet browser, 3D viewer, photo gallery, settings, tips, remote assistance, guides and your e-mail. There is also a menu on the right that will link to whatever apps you have downloaded.

Accessing these functions is as simple as pushing a button. You may need to step back or forward to get the HoloLens 2 to register the gesture.

Click here or more information on getting around in HoloLens 2.

Video - Finding and Downloading Apps

Video - How To Take Photos/Videos & Find Them

Video - The HoloLens 2 Menu

Sharing Apps on a HoloLens 2

Man and Woman With Hologram on TableOne of the first things new HoloLens 2 users want to know is if it is possible to link two HoloLenses to share an experience. The answer is yes, but this ability is entirely dependent on the apps in question allowing for multiple users. Sadly, it's not as simple as just looking over at the other person. You also have to have a suitably fast Internet connection to allow two or more HoloLens 2 units to interact together.

Thankfully, once an app is downloaded onto a Hololens 2 system, it is available to anyone else who logs into that headset using their TCC login information, so you don't have to worry about downloading an individual app to your personal desktop across multiple headsets. 

Click here for more information on sharing in a mixed reality.

Video - Broadcasting To Another Screen