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Getting Started with HoloLens 2: Resources

A basic introduction to using the HoloLens2 and some of the educational resources available, designed for the faculty and staff of TCC's Trinity River Campus.

Helpful Links

First Impressions on HoloLens 2 - unbiased review from an earlier adapter.
Microsoft HoloLens 2 - Microsoft HoloLens 2 Main Page
Microsoft HoloLens Documents - On-Line Repository of HoloLens 2 Help Guides
Microsoft HoloLens on Youtube - Videos showcasing HoloLens 2 uses.
General HoloLens 2 Troubleshooting - Where to go if the HoloLens 2 isn't working.
HoloLens 2 FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about the HoloLens 2.
HoloLens 2 Help and Support - Official Microsoft Help for HoloLens 2 Users.
HoloLens 2 First Time User Guide - Basic guide to getting started with HoloLens 2.
HoloLens 2 Daily User Guide - Next Level gude in using the HoloLens 2.
HoloLens2 App Store - The place to get official HoloLens 2 software.

Educational Apps

GeoXplorer - Virtual Earth Science and Planetary Science exploration tool.
HoloAnatomy - A virtual tour of  Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland Clinic HoloAnatomy course.
Holo GIS - Depicts engineering data in the form of holographic GIS displays. 
Holostudy Biology - Holographic studies of cells and DNA.
Human Eye And Cataract - Holographic guide to eye care.
Learning Heart - Learn about the parts of the heart.
Math HoloLens - Learn basic math using graphic tools.
Music Everywhere - Learn the piano using a virtual instrument.
MyLab - Explore an interactive periodic table and hologram atoms!