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INRW 0399 SO LINDA TYRER: Overview


This guide has been designed to assist you in your research for INRW 0399.

Click on the tabs above to be directed to specific research sources.  The "Books" tab will help you in locating and choosing books owned by the TCC libraries. The "Databases and Articles" tab will help you search for articles in library subscription databases to which the TCC libraries subscribe. The "Streaming Video" tab will help you search for streaming video resources to which the TCC libraries subscribe. The "Citing Sources" tab will link you to documents and websites that will help you formulate your works cited page. The "Plagiarism" tab refers you to TCC's Scholastic Dishonesty policy and websites and tutorials where you can learn to avoid plagiarism in your academic work.

This guide is meant to help students taking Professor Tyrer's INRW O399 class, to find information about individual sociologists, psychologists, or social psychologists, their research or seminal work, and a few studies that have been spawned by their research. All online resources listed here are freely available to any TCC student. If you have questions, please contact Ask a Librarian or your instructor. 

Learning new material may be time-intensive, so budget your time accordingly and make sure you use all the resources available to you, including the library.