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INRW 0399 SO LINDA TYRER: Databases and Articles

Databases and Articles at TCC Library

Below are some of the electronic databases and articles that can assist you in discovering more information about this topic. 

See the box to the left to learn how to find other databases and articles on this topic.  

How to find databases and articles

  1. Go to  
  2. Find TCC Catalog 
  3. Select Article Databases 
  4. Search - just like other search bars 
  5. Click on the article you want 
  6. Scroll down to Full Text Availability 
  7. Click the link to access 

How to get the best search results

Boolean Searching 

  • Use AND to limit search results; require both words to be in the result: 
    • psychology AND B.F. Skinner
  • Use OR to expand search; requires either word to be in the result 
    • sociologist OR therapy
  • Use NOT to limit search results; remove an unwanted term 
    • psychologist NOT sociologist 


  • When searching for words in a phrase, put them together in quotation marks to keep them together 
    • For example “social psychologist”  

Searching Library Subscription Databases

To locate articles on a topic, click on the appropriate link above and then enter a single word or phrase in the search box.

For example:



Sensory Processes

The chapter headings and sub-headings in your textbook will give you good terms to use as you begin your search.

To further narrow your search carefully select your search terms and use AND to combine them if needed. For example, Personality AND self-esteem

To view an article of interest, click on its 'HTML Full Text' or 'PDF Full Text' icon. To properly cite your article, use the APA citation style.


Below are a few of the databases that can help you in finding articles on the topic of the death penalty and capital punishment. 

Searching Specific Journals

The links below will take you to the articles from these specific journals in their requisite databases. You can then browse the journal articles by year and issue number.