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TCC's Kindness Project: Digital Resources

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TCC's Kindness Project: Digital Collection

Visit our Digital Collection for the TCC Kindness Project OR click on the e-books in the slideshow below!


Cool to Be Kind

In August of 2002, four twenty-something friends in Canada packed a motor home and embarked upon a three-month nonprofit marathon known coast to coast as The Extreme Kindness Tour. Their mission: to commit as many random acts of kindness in as many communities as possible.

The Foundations of Kindness

The Foundations of Kindness is a tale of love, politics, murder and assassination in Sixties Chicago told from the vantage point of the mountains of British Columbia in the Seventies. Plus contemporary commentary. Young revolutionaries take on the Chicago Democratic Party machine with disastrous consequences for them and their movement. Fifty years later some of them are older, wiser, weaker but uncowed.

Killing with Kindness

Why have NGOs failed at their mission? Set in Haiti during the 2004 coup and aftermath and enhanced by research conducted after the 2010 earthquake, Killing with Kindness analyzes the impact of official development aid on recipient NGOs and their relationships with local communities. Written like a detective story, the book offers rich enthnographic comparisons of two Haitian women's NGOs working in HIV/AIDS prevention, one with public funding (including USAID), the other with private European NGO partners. Mark Schuller looks at participation and autonomy, analyzing donor policies that inhibit these goals.


Rediscover kindness and rediscover your worth Have you ever helped someone out of instinct, because not helping never even occurred to you? Remember how surprised you were at their gratitude? It is easy to feel like kindness and gratitude are becoming rare in the world today, but the truth is that it is all around you -- you just need to learn how to see it. Kindness shows you how to do just that, and inspires you to take part with tips, ideas, recommendations and advice. while kindness is borne out of empathy. Kindness expects no reward or recognition, and is just as beneficial to the giver as the receiver. Kindness can be a grand gesture, or something as simple as a smile. It can be quiet or loud, simple or complex. This book helps you internalise the fundamental truth that kindness does not require wealth or possessions, or material giving at all -- whatever you have to offer is enough, and it may just change someone's life. Learn how to: See the silver lining and take care of yourself in difficult times.

Kindness and the Good Society

Part 1: Acts and omissions -- Personal kindness -- The agency of kindness -- Social atmospheres, technology, and nature -- Institutions and community -- Part 2: The hermeneutic challenge -- Ideologies -- Critical kindness: towards an aesthetic humanism.

The Kindness Revolution

Despite years of focus on the importance of customer service, most businesses still have a lot to learn. Too many merely tweak a script, roll out a new offer, then disappear from the scene, leaving their frontline staff - often underpaid and badly overworked - to expertly, cheerfully handle all the real-life encounters with real-life customers who can make or break a company.. Combining extensive research with inspiring real-life examples from companies known for their outstanding customer service - such as L.L.Bean, Chick-fil-A, Nordstrom, Mrs. Fields, St. Jude Children s Research Center, The Ritz-Carlton, FedEx, and more - Horrell explains in The Kindness Revolution that providing exceptional, compassionate customer service can only happen when you build a deep and lasting relationship with your employees.

More Random Acts of Kindness

When Conai Press first decided to publish Random Acts of Kindness, little did they know that it would inspire a wave of kindness of sweep across North America. These stories of individual acts of kindness struck a deep chord among readers who felt compelled to share their own stories with the Conari editors. This outpouring of tales provides a poignant confirmation of our need for more kindness in the world, as well as an urgent catalyst for redoubling our efforts to spread the movement far and wide. More Random Acts of Kindness shares a powerful selection of readers' heartwarming stories along with a wealth of inspirational quotes that bring home the timeless magic of kindness.

Stone Soup for the World

In this text, 100 heart-warming stories show how simple acts of kindness and compassion forge powerful connections that can dramatically effect the world we live in.


August Pullman was born with a facial deformity that, up until now, has prevented him from going to a mainstream school. WONDER begins from Auggies point of view, but soon switches to include his classmates, his sister, her boyfriend, and others.