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GEOG 1301 / GEOG 1302 / GEOG 1303 SO: GEOG 1301 Physical Geography

Introduction to this guide

Use this guide as a research tool to help you identify problems in the field of Physical Geography.  Whether you decide to investigate pollution, overpopulation, natural disasters, or radioactive waste dumps, this guide will help you identify resources such as articles from Library databases, books, and websites for quick and efficient research. Take advantage of the large number of resources available!

Click on the right hand edge of the GEOG 1301 tab above to see the pull down menu of sources chosen specifically to assist you with your GEOG 1301 research assignment. The text of your assignment is in the box below.



Physical Geography: Research Paper Geography 1301

The purpose of this research paper is to more thoroughly examine the physical characteristics of a particular place or geosystem, such as: atmospheric and oceanic circulations, specific earthquakes, gyres or pollution.  An outline is provided that acts as a template for required components in your research paper. This template provides the minimum criteria to earn a passing grade. It is strongly encouraged to explore the ‘Writing Center’ as well as the library databases to facilitate your efforts.

 I will suggest that you work with a partner to share research and writing duties.


1.      Introduction-a brief overview of the topic covered in this research paper  

2.      General description of location and range/area of phenomenon

3.      Impact Statement that includes linkages to other geosystems (use of maps, figures and tables strongly recommended)

4.      Conclusion-your thoughts on the findings of your research


  •  12pt font
  •  1.5 spacing
  •  10-12 pages of text (not including graphs, maps, cover sheet)
  •   Cover Sheet (three parts: top 1/3- your full name and date, middle- Title of Paper/Course Title and date, bottom 1/3- Instructor name)  

Note: This project is a pass/fail grade and is worth 10% towards your total grade.