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The purpose of this research guide is to help you find information to assist find locating scholarly journal articles, reliable websites, and books related specifically to your area of study.

What is Massage Therapy

The purpose of this research guide is to assist you with locating scholarly journal articles, reliable websites, and books related specifically to information in your area of study. It will not give you all of the answers but it will organize some of the sources and give you some steps to help you find the information. 

Massage therapy dates back thousands of years. References to massage appear in ancient writings from China, Japan, India, and Egypt.

  • In general, massage therapists work on muscle and other soft tissue to help you feel better.
  • In Swedish massage, the therapist uses long strokes, kneading, deep circular movements, vibration, and tapping.
  • Sports massage combines techniques of Swedish massage and deep tissue massage to release chronic muscle tension. It is adapted to the needs of athletes.
  • Myofascial trigger point therapy focuses on trigger points—areas that are painful when pressed and are associated with pain elsewhere in the body.
  • Massage therapy is sometimes done using essential oils as a form of aromatherapy.

Source: NCCAM

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