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SO Campus Councils: Staff Advisory

Mission Statement and Descriptive Function

Mission Statement:

The Council serves in an advisory capacity to the President's office at South Campus. Its mission is to identify and solve issues affecting staff productivity, engagement, and satisfaction; to improve training/networking for support staff, and to collaborate with other South Campus councils to facilitate engagement, on-campus and college-wide activities and events.

Council’s Descriptive Function:

The Council serves as an advisory committee to the President in regards to support staff. The Council handles:

Concerns: Handled through the proper chain of commands by referring support staff to their immediate supervisors. The Council discusses the concerns and if more than one area is having the same concerns, the Council addresses the concern with input from the designated Cabinet Liaison and shares this information with the campus president.

Ideas: Support Staff from across the campus are encouraged to submit their ideas to one of the Staff Council Members or send it anonymously.

Professional Development: Based on the feedback from evaluations, the Staff Council Members create and brainstorm different workshops and sessions for professional development, including but not limited to: various technical trainings, benefit information, and health & wellness awareness.

Unsung Hero/Heroine Awards: A nomination form is sent to the campus community stating a deadline. Once nominations are received the Staff Council Members meet, discuss the nominations, and each Council Member casts a vote for an Unsung Hero/Heroine. Nominees are then sent to the Campus President’s office for vetting. Award winners are announced at the Celebration of Excellence.

The Council also organizes the yearly Support Staff Professional Development Day for South Campus.

Contact Information

Contact Information


Please contact one of the following members for more information about this Council:

Terry Aaron, Cabinet Liaison

Markeya Williams, Chair

Maisha Tsiboe, Chair