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Health Sciences Overview: HELP!

Research guide for all TR health science programs

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Mandrell Bufford, Librarian

Office: 817-515-1223



We love meeting with students to help with anything needed, and we will do our best to be available as much as possible. However, we are the only librarians for all of nursing & health science. This means our time is very precious to students who really need us. 

If you schedule an appointment and fail to show up or cancel in a timely manner (once you have already missed it is not a timely manner) you will not be allowed to schedule a future appointment.  We will also move any of your emailed papers to the bottom of the list of those to be reviewed.

Each appointment you book and miss is time someone else could have used.  Please be considerate of your fellow students.

Content help

Please find the time to have SOMEONE read over your paper!  It is not humanly possible to edit your own work.  Ideally, you would be able to make an appointment with one of the Writing Centers.


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