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Your Cheat Sheet to College!

Student Success Textbook

LC Classification

Most academic libraries use the Library of Congress (LC) classification system to organize their materials. Here are the call number ranges for some specific areas of Student Success. 

LB2337.2-2340.8 Student Financial Aid

LB2366.2367.75 College Examinations

LB3045-3048 Textbooks


What Students Are Saying About Their STSC Experience:

"My STSC class has been the best because it has made the transition to college smooth and simple. It has prepared me for a successful college career...I took the Accuplacer for a second time and passed into English 1301 and Math 0350, which I don't believe would have happened without this class."

"The information I learned in STSC does not just help me with school but also in life. I have learned how to deal better with conflict and I have been able to improve my college, home, and work environment because of it."

"Without this class, I would have never explored the library to find out how helpful the librarians or even just the library itself can be."

"When I first went into this class I was stressed about all the homework I had. My problem was not the homework, it was my time management. We had time management sheets due every week and doing the sheets I learned how to spread out my day and not have any homework on the weekend. Because of this class I am ready for college."


Welcome to the Student Success Transition to College LibGuide. This guide is designed to compliment the course materials your instructor shares with you in class. If you have any questions, comments, or need additional information on this LibGuide, please use the e mail contact information in the right-hand column to share your thoughts with us.

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