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Student Success - Transition to College Overview (NW): Time Management

Your Cheat Sheet to College!

No need to scream! Learn to manage your time

Time Management Guidelines

Time Management Tips

  • Divide your time of the day for studies and extracurricular activities. Stick to a flexible timetable.
  • Prioritizing your goals is necessary to zero in on important tasks. Don't miss the 'A' grade in your exams but also don't fail to relax. Both aspects of college life are important in the overall development of your personality, so make it a point not to miss any of them.
  • Avoid procrastination. Always try your best to complete assignments on time. Delay in completion would lead to a lot of pending work.
  • Always prefer quality study. Don't sit with the books all day long, but prefer studying for few hours and with full concentration.
  • Review the study notes of class lectures, at home daily. Even sparing 15 minutes is productive.
  • Maintain a journal or a log book. Note down your daily routine for couple of days. Then see for yourself how you can be more productive. Analyze and improve your time management skills.
  • Effectively divide time for your daily work i.e. eating, sleeping, working out, job and athletic practices. In the beginning it may seem tedious, but once you gain mastery, you will be comfortable with the timings.
  • Always make a to do list every day.
  • Learning to say an emphatic 'No' is the first prerequisite for taking complete charge of your time. You can't possibly give your time to everyone. So, be firm with your resolve.
  • Remember, for every hour spent in class, you should be spending 3 hours studying.