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Student Success - Transition to College Overview (NW): Computer Literacy

Your Cheat Sheet to College!

Keyboarding-a Very Important Computer Skill!

No matter how much you may learn about their inner workings, you must learn to type--or keyboard--effectively to get the most out of computers. Try the link below for access to free keyboarding practice lessons. And remember, just as in learning a musical instrument, daily practice and repetition will make a world of positive difference when learning to type.





Campus Computer Labs

Northeast Campus

Computer Learning Center NLIB Building, Room 1117 817-515-6609

Northwest Campus

Computer Science Lab WSTU Building, Room 2807 817-515-7776

South Campus

Computer Science SBUS Building, Room 1114 817-515-4517

Southeast Campus

Computer Science ESCT Building, Room 2231 817-515-3368

Trinity River Campus

Computer Science Lab TREF 1201 817-515-1122

Computer Literacy and Your College Career

TCC students are a diverse bunch. Our students come in all ages and from all types of different backgrounds. Just as our student body is diverse, so are their computer skills. Some TCC students are computer programmers and build computers for fun. Others have yet to learn the basics of personal computing.

Computer skills are an increasingly important component of student success. College students today are expected to know how to use computers in order to communicate with professors and classmates, complete assignments, and do effective online research, among other tasks. Computer literacy plays a large role in information literacy these days, as more and more information comes to us in digital formats. Improving your computer skills can provide the added benefit of increasing your understanding of the world of information.

If you feel you might be a bit "behind the eight ball" when it comes to computer skills, don't despair--help is available. Take advantage of the resources on this page to boost your computer IQ.

Computer Books in TCC Libraries

Take advantage of resources held by TCC libraries to get your computer skills up to par. Listed below are just a few of the many computer titles found in libraries across the district.