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Student Support Resources: Welcome to TCC

Quick guide to TCC and community support services. Friendly URL

We're Glad to Have You Here!

Welcome to TCC! We are glad to have you here! This guide will give you information about some of the support resources that are available to you outside of the classroom. Please see TCC Support Services for more information and a full list of services. Remember that we are available online even when you cannot make it to campus in-person.

For the latest information about how TCC is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, see the main TCC Coronavirus Information page. 

Below are some general resources for student success. 

Student Accessibility Resources

Student Accessibility Resources (SAR) are offered at each TCC campus. To get started, you must submit paperwork to your campus SAR office. Please see the SAR website for more information. 

Labs and Tutoring

There are three ways you can get tutoring help for your classes:

  • Labs: Each campus has labs with professional tutors who can help you learn your class content. If you are off-campus, help is available online.
  • Supplemental Instruction: Some classes have study groups led by fellow students who have already taken the class and done well in it.
  • Tutor 24/7: This option is a tutoring company you can access as part of your TCC services from your Canvas account.