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GISC 2420 TR Oda: Home

An on-line research guide for GISC 2420 as taught by Dr. Katsuhiko "Kirk" Oda


• The purpose of this guide is to act as an on-line supplement to GISC 2420.

• This course aims to increase students' understanding of the capabilities of GIS and geospatial visualization and modeling in students' research areas of interest.

• Students will identify, learn, and apply GIS theories and methods for their research projects by planning and carrying them out.

Students' objective is to answer a real-world question of their choosing and perform geospatial inquiry using the GIS approaches they have learned in the TCC GIS program.

•  Ultimately, students are expected to attain skills and habits to be lifelong learners successful in the GIS industry.


Students will construct a resume and post it on their blogs. Then, they will update their resume and turn it in at the end of the course.
Students will deliver presentations about their literature reviews, proposals, data collection, and research results.
Annotated Bibliography
Students will develop annotated bibliographies and post them on their blogs to share with their classmates.
Written Proposal 
Students will write a proposal and post it on their blogs to share with their classmates.
Data Report 
Students will write a report about their data collection and post it on their blogs to share with their classmates.
Story Map 
Students will circulate a draft of their Story Map about their research results to receive feedback from their classmates and instructor.
Students will post their finalized Story Map on their blogs.

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Our thanks to Dr. Katsuhiko "KIrk" Oda, for his invaluable help in compiling these resources.

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